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Where is Otter Tail Lakes Country?

Otter Tail Lakes Country | Minnesota VacationOtter Tail Lakes Country is located in West Central Minnesota. We are 2.5 hours from Minneapolis, MN and 45 minutes from Fargo, ND. Our area is made up of twenty-four charming communities sprinkled among wooded hills and crystal clear lakes. Otter Tail Country covers approximately 2,225 square miles – and over 11% of it is water. That’s 157,000 acres of water!

Distances to Major Cities:

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN-- 200 miles
  • Duluth, MN -- 180 miles
  • Des Moines, IA -- 430 Miles
  • Omaha, NE -- 440 miles
  • Kansas City, MO -- 620 miles
  • Rockford, IL -- 522 miles
  • Chicago, IL -- 590 miles

What is Otter Tail Lakes Country All About?

With its unique blend of scenic beauty, historical attractions and recreational facilities, Otter Tail Lakes Country is an exciting vacation spot for the entire family. Otter Tail Lakes Country Tourism Association has been working hard to promote tourism in this region since 1976.

Today, our membership is comprised of a wide range of businesses and communities. Otter Tail Lakes Country Tourism relies on the collaboration and collective action of its members in order to:

1) Promote - Promote tourism in Otter Tail Country.

2) Create - Create awareness of various recreational opportunities in the area.

3) Prepare - Prepare and circulate an advertising guide describing the areas and its resources.

4) Distribute - Distribute advertising guide to regional and national sport shows.

5) Provide - Provide information and assistance to tourism information centers in the area.

6) Combine - Provide ideas concerning mutual challenges of members and encourage better relationships between them through promotion of the general welfare of all.

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