Mabel Murphy’s

Address: 3401 Minnesota 210, Fergus Falls, MN, USA
Phone: 218-739-4406
Email: [email protected]

Mabel’s offers a full dining menu of steaks. prime rib, seafood and pastas. As well as our award winning BBQ ribs. Our lunch and pub menu has a great selections of burgers, salads, appetizers. Specialties of the house; prime rib, French dip sandwiches, BBQ ribs, steaks, walleye, Duck and of course our first class Nachos!

Mabel Murphy’s explains The Legend of Mabel

Mabel was an Irish immigrant who escaped from the terrible potato famine by boarding an unknown ship destined for America. After many hardships at sea, the ship sank in heavy fog 3 miles from the coast. Mabel was one of the few who survived, but had lost all her belongings and her sense of direction. Determined to live she swam for two months until she reached the shore, wrinkled and waterlogged, on the Minnesota side of Lake Superior.

Mabel collapsed on the shore and slept for days. She awoke as she was being captured by renegades, who had stopped to cool their guns in the water. Mabel was bound and chained to an unusual two-wheeled wagon, and the group began trekking west. Mabel’s love for life attracted the attention of “Cookie” and the two of them became great friends. On dark nights, close to a small campfire, they traded recipes and baked delicious food; the aroma wafted through the air and made mouths water to all who smelled it.

When the opportunity to escape came, our hearty Irish lass, rolled down a very long hill, where a lonely and hungry rancher was cooking a single meal of beans over a small fire. He had been smelling her great baking for days, and was elated that Mabel had rolled in. Together they turned their loneliness and bad fortune into the luck of the Irish! Mabel cooked and entertained into her 90’s – having lived a long and food-filled life.