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The Outdoor Report

Welcome to The Outdoor Report.  A place that is dedicated to bringing you outdoor news you can use.  We are more than just hunting and fishing reports.  We are a one-stop shop for the most relevant and up-to-date information available.  Our goal is to gather and present this information in such a fashion that your next outdoor experience will be all that much better.  And we hope to have fun along the way, trying to entertain as well as inform.

To better understand our purpose, perhaps we should tell you a bit about the owner/operator of this site, Erik Osberg.  Erik was born with a passion for the outdoors, and a passion for telling stories.  He’s been on the water in one way shape or form since he could fall off a dock.  Growing up, he dreamed of having his own fishing show on TV.  After college, he came close to his dream when he became a sports reporter.  For 4 years he worked in TV honing his story telling skills.  He also learned how to turn around a story fast enough that the information was still relevant when it was presented. (No stories about open water fishing when there’s three feet of ice here!)  And with this website, he hopes to deliver the information you need in a timely manner while adhering to the journalistic standards he tried so hard to maintain throughout the years.

So what make your site so different?  First of all, we hope you enjoy the look and feel of the site.  It is our contention that sometimes, less is more.  We wanted a site that gives you the information you want as quickly as humanly possible.  We’ve attempted to build a format that allows you to find what you are looking for by using our internal search engine, (that’s why we have all the categories when posting a report).  We also wanted to cut down on the clutter.  We will have a mobile site soon, so you can access this info even quicker when in the field.  Another difference with our site is you don’t have to pay to play!  What we mean by that is, if you have a video or written story you want to post about your resort, guide service, or new lure, go ahead, we won’t stop you.  In fact we hope others will use this site as a tool to tell their own stories.  This doesn’t mean we won’t have advertisements, quite the contrary, we will depend on advertising to keep the doors open.  Trust me, we will be very appreciative of anybody that becomes a sponsor, we just won’t require it to share information.  We promote people, places and products just like the rest of them, we just do it a little differently. is a subsidiary of Whiskey Creek Production, which is a video production company specializing in telling your story, not just shooting your video.  So one of the reasons we can allow people to promote their business here for “free”, is we make up for it in the amount of video production business we generate because of other people’s “free” advertising.  It’s a symbiotic relationship, if we have people posting quality content, we get more traffic, we get more business.

So welcome to the website that hopes to become one of your favorites.  Please spread the word, and let us know if there’s anything we can be doing for you.  Have a story you want told? Just let us know.  Have news you want covered? Just let us know.  Basically, if there’s anything we can be doing to help you, just let us know.

Thank you for stopping by and remember…. It’s not about HAVING time, it’s about MAKING time!


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