Swimming into Summer fishing in OTLC

Swimming into Summer fishing in OTLC

By Ross Hagemeister, meisterguideservice.com

Hello anglers everywhere. Otter Tail Lakes Country is continue it’s progression into Summer fishing.  Water temps around the county have dropped a bit in the past several days do to some rainy weather and cooler days. We have finally reached the time of year when falling water temps are not super critical for most species. However,  it has slightly delayed the sunfish spawn on some lakes, but for the most part, the larger percentage of sunfish have already spawned or are in mid-spawn. The warm up the next couple of days should  be conducive to completing the sunfish spawn and spawning movements.

Once the sunfish spawn is complete, the Spring spawning season will be a wrap. Walleye locations are broken around the county. Some are shallow, others are located around the weed lines and some are getting deeper and are using the weed zone less, so be sure and take a good look around before you fire away for walleye. Crappie are in post spawn and it’s difficult to find good groups of them. I’m finding better northern pike action near the deep weed line but don’t discount the edges of flats near cabbage weed stands and deep water.

Good Luck fishing this week in Otter Tail Lakes Country!

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