Stay sharp and get hooked on fishing in OTC

Stay sharp and get hooked on fishing in OTC

By Ross Hagemeister,

Sharpen your hooks. If you lose a fish, check your hook for dull.  Actually, it’s a much better idea to replace your hook than it is to sharpen it. Premium hooks today, like Gamakatsu fish hooks are so sharp that it would be nearly impossible and highly improbably to perfectly resharpen them like new.  Anyway, if your hooks are dull, replace them because it’s not worth loosing an awesome fish over.  Otter Tail Lakes Country is in perfect fishing form.

It’s early June and the water is warming—it’s the big spring thing.  If you have a favorite lake in the county, or if you’re planning a trip to a specific lake in the next week or two, you’re in luck because there’s something good happening on every lake in the county.

Most of the fish species in the area have completed their spawn, and are now wondering free around the lakes ready to function and behave as feeding creatures. Spawn is a big distraction to fish and once it’s complete, it’s time to eat. Walleye and northern are well into summer habits, but most can be found around drops and weeds finding the last shiners of the season. Sunfish are the last to spawn. If they are not on their beds yet, they can be found staging off of the first breaks adjacent to their spawning areas, and the walleye and northern are with them. Crappie are entering their post-spawn phase on most small and mid-sized lakes so they can be inconsistent right now. If you need a species to seek right now, walleye and northern and sunfish are easiest. Bass and crappie will get into summer form with in a week or two.

Good luck fishing in Lakes Country this week and enjoy the time on the water!

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