Meet the Music – Tigirlily

OTC-ON ICE! is roughly one month away.  In order to help you get ready for the event, we continue with our Meet the Music series. Here’s a look at our conversation with Kendra & Krista of Tigirlily.  They will be performing on Saturday, Feb. 9th at 6:00pm. A 2 day pass to OTC-ON ICE! is just $50.  A single day pass for Saturday, Feb. 9th is $35.

Us: “What towns are you from?”

Tigirlily: “We are originally from Hazen, ND, but now we live in Nashville, TN! Midwest girls at heart! The rest of our band resides in Nashville, TN as well. We’ve known Louis (Drummer) for several years – He is actually our manager. We met Scott (Bass) and Matt (Guitar) a few months ago. We’ve been playing gigs with them in downtown Nashville since September. They’re all great guys as well as fantastic players. The level of musicianship that comes out of Nashville always just amazes us.”

Us: “How would you describe your music?”

Tigirlily: “Our music is always evolving, and has many different influences to it. Pop, soul, country would be the best representation of it. We just try to be the best version of ourselves musically.”

Us: “Now that you are living in Nashville, what do you miss about Winter? Or don’t you miss it?”

Tigirlily: “We miss the first beautiful snowfall of the year and having snow on Christmas. This was our first year without snow on Christmas and we really missed that.”

Us: “Do you ever fish or ice fish?”

Tigirlily: “Our dad used to take us fishing almost every week growing up. Those are some of our favorite memories with him. I remember the first fish we ever caught was a Carp… not good! Lol! Nothing beats fresh walleye though… We really miss that.”

Us: “Anything else people should know about the upcoming show?”

Tigirlily: “It is going to be an absolute blast. The band is phenomenal and we will be playing everything from originals to 80’s hits. This is a brand new “show” experience for us as well, being out on the ice, so we can’t wait for February to come.”




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