Fishing is steaming up in Otter Tail Lakes Country

It’s been a hot one in Lakes Country this week! This hot weather sure has the bass cranked up and eating though.

We’ve been trying a little of everything, Stick Worms on jigs, wacky rigged or Neko rigged and swim jigs with trailers on the deep weed edges have been producing well on almost every lake in the county. This is also a fantastic time of year to try some top water fishing. Frogs fished on top of slop and in lily pads will elicit strikes from bass seeking shade from the sun. We’ve even caught some bluegills as of late on the Rapala Ultra Light Pop.

When ever we notice bluegills swiping at our bobbers we give this a try and while it isn’t always the most efficient way to catch numbers, it’s a pretty exciting way to catch big bluegills. We’ve also been catching them vertical jigging and casting bobbers to deep weed edges. Look for irregularities like points and inside turns on the deep weeds, cabbage and coontail being the best. The curly pond weed is starting to die off which will open up some additional shoreline spots to fishing in the coming weeks as well. Crappies are heavily related to cabbage especially on main lake humps. Try working Northland Fishing Tackle Tuff Tubes over the tops of the cabbage leaves. They can also be found seeking shade under deep swim rafts.

Haven’t spent much time on pike lately but we’ve sure had our fair share of bite off’s while fishing bass. I’d look to mid depth shelves that stick out toward the deepest basins on the lake.

Walleyes seem to bite well when the wind blows but the flat calm days can be trickier.

Found a bunch of fish stacked up on a main lake saddle the other morning and the deep weed edges will always hold fish. Snelled spinner rigs with a half a night crawler fished on a bottom bouncer is a great way to cover water and scratch a limit. I’ve got some openings for bass and panfish trips in August and September if you’re looking to get out and make some memories!
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