Fishing for open waters

By Ross Hagemeister,
Despite the recent winter storm (last week), spring seems to have finally found Otter Tail Lakes Country. The ice is getting very soft and it looks frightening—stay off the ice. If you have an appetite for April fishing, you’ll actually have to leave the area and find a border water (which are usually rivers) to fish from a bank or boat. If you decide to fish on a border water, weather it be SD, ND, WI, or Canada, be sure and read the regulations regarding seasons, limits, and licensing needs.

As for Otter Tail Lakes Country, it’s time to get your summer fishing gear in order. Pick up a rod, buy some new tackle, upgrade some boat electronics, go to a fishing seminar, or maybe even practice casting in your yard? I use this in-between time to gather maple sap for syrup making, hunting spring turkeys with my kids, and use the rest of the time to prepare for the upcoming open water season. When is the ice going to come off the lakes? Lakes that have rivers and creeks passing through them should be ice free within the week or even by Easter weekend. Large water bodies and lakes that do not have current areas, might be 7-10 days yet.

The forecast is certainly right for wrecking ice—so we’re close.  In the meanwhile, have fun shopping for your new fishing gear, give turkey hunting a try, or go for a nice spring hike in one of Otter Tail County’s state parks. Happy Spring!

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