Fergus Falls Culinary Options

by Steve Heriot

If you are thinking about relocating to Fergus Falls or just visiting, you might be wondering where to shop for groceries, find a good restaurant, or enjoy a glass of your favorite libation. Luckily, Fergus Falls has an inordinate variety of choices to off er, with new business openings becoming the norm. The ‘rural rebound’ that the town is enjoying comes after a period of decline in the family farm system of the 20th Century. Recently, a new migration of young people to the area has revitalized the city. Young families have been attracted by the beautiful environment of lakes, woods, and country, the relatively low cost of real estate, the low cost of living, excellent schools, safe communities, and the many new jobs that area businesses are providing. Where there is growth, there is business opportunity, and hence the reason for the influx of new restaurants, several craft breweries, coffee roasters, a Community Supported Agriculture association (CSA), and farmers market with locally grown food.

The eating establishments in Fergus Falls range from pubs to pizza houses, from delis to fine dining, from BBQs to buffets, from kombucha to ice cream, from steakhouses to supper clubs, and from seafood to specialty and ethnic foods. Area restaurants also include several grills with tasty burgers, cafes with great sandwiches and soups, and several bistros with specialty coffee drinks. Fergus Falls has all the fast food chains but offers some very special local flavor too.

It’s said that variety is the spice of life, and if it’s the cooking type of spice you’re looking for, Fergus Falls offers the dining experience to fit any palette and appetite.

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