Parkers Prairie

Come and enjoy the friendly and scenic atmosphere of Parkers Prairie! Come stroll the tree-lined streets on a summer evening and be greeted with a friendly “Hello” from everyone you meet.
Parkers Prairie is located about 20 miles north of I-94 at the Alexandria exit in West Central Minnesota. Parkers Prairie was founded as early as 1868 with a General Store on the shores of Lake Adley and incorporated in 1903. We are a friendly community where neighbors say “Hi!” to one another while strolling down tree lined streets on a summer evening or attending the Fall Festival in City Park. Newly renovated City Park now boasts two large accessible play structures and other activities. New accessible restrooms and sidewalks enhance the picnic shelters and outdoor swimming pool. Lake Adley Park provides a public access boat ramp for summer fishing and a popular ice fishing spot. Parkers is a community of volunteers: Parkers Prairie Volunteer Fire Department, Parkers Prairie Ambulance Service, Lions, Jaycees, Sportsman’s Club, Prairie Drifters Snowmobile Club and American Legion Post 219. Active Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Girl Scout troops provide unique learning opportunities for young people.We are a community that remembers their heritage through worship at one of four churches. Our School District is as involved in the community as the community is in the School District, working together to solve problems. Most businesses are of the “Mom & Pop” variety, ready to serve. The medical clinic can usually provide same day appointments while the dental clinic and three Chiropractors provide service one or two days a week. The new ‘Build-to-Suit’ industrial park can provide young businesses just the place they need to grow.

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