Winter wetland in Otter Tail Lakes Country

By Randin Olson, Lock Jaw Guide Service 218-640-0158

Be careful and aware when venturing out on area lakes.  Our recent snowfall has not helped us in making anymore ice.  Lots of slush and snow ate covering area lakes and making travel difficult.  On some smaller lakes I’m seeing up to 15 inches of ice and our larger lakes still have spots of 6″. We would all be wise to treat the lakes the same way we did back in November. Check ice often!  But please try and not drill any holes on or near a plowed road as that will flood the road and make it unusable.

Walleye fishing has been good if you get away from the crowds. 20 to 30 ft has been the ticket lately. Aggressive baits such as the rippin’ shad from Northland has been my go to. Smaller minnows on set lines will also produce. 

The panfish bite had been great!  Fish are located in the basin but not far away from structure. Small tungsten with waxies, a spoon tipped with waxies or a minnow head, and rattle baits have been big producers for me.  Pop a bunch of holes till you start to mark fish. Then it’s as easy as staying on top of the school or hunkering down and waiting for them to circle back. 

Again ice conditions are constantly changing. Be sure to stay safe and check the ice often!