What happened to fall fishing season?

What happened to fall fishing season?

By Ross Hagemeister, meisterguideservice.com

It’s been challenging being outside the past couple of weeks; the weather has been unkind. While Otter Tail Lakes Country hasn’t had the deluge of rain that southern Minnesota has (thankfully), the very chilly weather and high winds have been enough to force a lot of anglers to put their boats away prematurely this fall. Those of us that keep on fishing, I believe, have figured out how to dress for it. You have to sacrifice mobility to keep warm on the lake this fall.  Even though fishing may be physically challenging this season, it’s fun, so get out and try it.

The lakes have gone through a rapid cool down this October which has posed new changes and challenges to anglers. The main issue that fishermen face when the lakes get very cool, is that the fish turn “on” and “off” quickly, and are more likely to stay “off” for longer periods.  I saw some very strong fishing last week, and some very slow fishing—sometimes within the same day. It’s difficult to outlast fish when you’re frozen, but if you can keep on the lake long enough, I believe you’re still going to catch some. Panfish have become difficult to find, but smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye and northern are still feeding. It’s also the time of year to give muskie fishing a try if you have the urge.

Although Otter Tail Lakes Country is known as a fishing destination, don’t forget about the other sports that Lakes County offers—like hunting for waterfowl, dove, deer, ruffed grouse and a bunch of other small game species. Otter Tail County has a lot of public hunting land to choose from, just take a look at a detailed Otter Tail County map.  Also, if you enjoy fall color, get to Lakes Country this week because the fall colors are awesome right now!

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