Panfish Paradise in Otter Tail Lakes Country

By Bret Setterholm,

While the winter ice fishing is coming to a close.  Some of the best fishing is still going to happen. Sometimes overlooked by the hardcore walleye fisherman, the panfish scene can fill the void between hard and open water.  This is the time when panfishing can get really good.  

Look for the panfish, crappies in particular to be schooled up in deeper holes. Crappies can stay in holes that are surrounded by shallower water. Holes can be between 15 to 30 some feet deep. Target these fish suspended in the water column. Use your electronics to find these fish. Start near the bottom, try to raise fish off bottom, or watch for fish that might show up shallower. Your electronics are the best eyes you can have for panfishing. Once you locate these schools, fishing can be fabulous!

Lures that are really hot right now are typically the UV or glow. Small Rapala jigging raps, Rapala rippin raps, have been some great to go lures.  Along with the new Northland jigs. While the ice remains safe, make sure to get out on the ice and take advantage of some great panfishing!