Ottertail Business and Community Association Announces Christmas Trees Event

The Ottertail Business and Community Association (OTBCA) will again be doing Christmas trees in the city park.  We encourage businesses, churches, non-profits and individuals to consider decorating a Christmas tree for this fun event.

The OTBCA will install (20) 6-7 ft. Spruce Christmas trees in the Ottertail city park on the weekend of November 22.  Simply purchase and select one of the pre-installed Christmas trees from the OTBCA for $30.00.  Then come out and decorate the tree during the week leading up to Otterdazzle which will be held on Saturday December 7.  The city will provide power to each tree and they will be lit each night during the Christmas season.  The lighting ceremony will be at 5:15 when mayor myron lights the trees during Otterdazzle.  The event will be followed by a huge fireworks display sponsored by the Ottertail lions club.  A chili feed will follow the fireworks display and the Firestarters will present Christmas at the Cremery December 7 at 7:00 p.m..

To order a tree contact: Kathy Grobeck at 402-689-7694 [email protected]

All City Christmas Sing Along December 17 at 6 p.m. in the Ottertail city park.

Tickets for OTC-ON ICE! are now on sale