It’s finally winter!

By Randin Olson, Lock Jaw Guide Service

Things have turned around here in lakes country. The ice has healed up for the most part and travel is much, much easier. Now, with that said,  it doesn’t mean that you can drive anywhere you want but things are better.

With the improved conditions, now is the time to get out to those spots you wanted to fish a month ago!  There’s unpressured fish waiting! 

Panfish paradise is thriving and the fishing is good!  There’s a shallow and a basin bite. There’s a good mixture of gills and crappies in both areas and it will be up to you to decide which to try.

Walleye are still biting and with the amount of water that hasn’t been fished yet,  there’s lots of opportunity to catch some before the season closes. Focus on transition areas and stay mobile. Set lines are a must this time of year but you should always have an active line down the hole to get the aggressive fish.

Pike are still roaming the weedlines and are easily fooled with a big sucker or dead bait under a tip up.

As always, be careful with the ice and check thickness often before venturing to unfished areas. There’s not much time left so get out there!