Fishing Report – Location, Location, Location.

toddOne of the most important factors of being successful in catching fish of any species is location, location, and location. So how do I go about deciding where I’m going to start fishing? Not only wind, but wind direction plays an important role in locating active fish. Day in and day out wind will be your friend when it comes to walleye fishing. No, 20 – 30 mile per hour winds is not the famous walleye chop we talk about, but wind creates action that breaks light penetration, increases feeding activity, and disorientates bait fish. All of these ingredients will assist you in catching more walleye once you locate that school of fish. Where the wind is blowing into shallow water on points, flats, or sharp inside turns are great locations to start your search. This time of the year my bait of choice is a spot tail shiner on a jig. The amount of wind and the depth of the water is going to determine the size of the jig you are going to be using. The saying is to use the lightest jig possible, but you need to make sure it is heavy enough to keep your bait in the strike zone. In 10-15 feet of water a 1/8th oz jig should work very well for you.

So, I’ve located an area on my map that I feel has potential to hold fish; an awesome point, surrounded by deep water, with the wind blowing in. Regardless of how great a location you fish, boat control more than anything else I believe will determine not only if you catch fish, but how many. Not all boats are created equal, but that is why I fish out of a Lund 1875 Pro Guide with a 90 horse Mercury Tiller.
Regardless, being able to control your speed and direction will increase your chances of fish not only being able to see your bait, but actually have a chance to eat the bait you are offering. My first choice is to use my electric trolling if the wind is not too strong, but if needed I will use the big motor. My Mercury motor is equipped with the ability to either decrease or increase the rpm with a push of a button on the tiller handle which is really cool for controlling your speed when back trolling against the wind. Trust and use your electronics to determine where the fish holding on the location you are fishing. I always start shallow in 10 feet of water or less and will slowly work the edge into deeper water until I catch my fist walleye and will then start to pattern the depth, direction of my troll, speed, and maintaining contact with my jig and shiner. When you use your knowledge, experience, and everything comes together the excitement and thrill of catching walleye here in Lakes Country never gets old.

The availability of spot tail shiners has never been better, but as we know there is a limited window of time that we can use them as temperatures warm. Stop by your favorite bait shop and pick up some shiners and give a new location a try. That new hot spot is out there waiting for you to discover this weekend!

Booking a summer guided fishing trip with PTS Guide Service is as simple as going to our website; and sending an e-mail or you can give me, Todd Cameron a call at 346-3116.

Until next time, good luck and good catching!

Todd Cameron

PT’s Guideservice

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