Fishing Report 6-26-19

Looks like we are finally seeing some nice summer like weather in Lakes Country this week! Night times water temps staying near 70 degrees have more bluegills on spawning beds! We’ve been doing the best fishing a #10 Northland Gill Getter jig with a small leech.

Look for the largest ones nesting in the center of colonies and slightly deeper than their smaller counterparts. This time of year we’ll often position ourselves close to spawning colonies and work the biggest fish with precision casts, often spending some time getting the right fish to bite. Make sure to release those large “bull” males this time of year though. They do a couple of things for our lakes. 1. They chase the smaller males off the spawning beds. When bluegills spawn early biologists have proven they quit focusing on growth and can stunt. 2. Those big bull males pass on their genetics, so we keep Panfish Paradise a true world class destination for trophy bluegills.

As far as bass we are now into that summer transition period. We have been doing the best keeping the boat in that 13-15 foot range and casting up in to the 8-12 foot depths. Jig worms, chatter baits, ned rigs, finesse jigs, swim jigs and spinner baits will all produce fish right now. Pike are active in the 13 foot plus depths as well as on main lake structure. Walleyes anglers talk a lot about summer peak this time of year but what does it really mean? It means the fishes metabolism is at an all time high right now. Fish can be spread out though so moving is key. Tie on a snelled spinner or Lindy rig and search through many different spots quickly and you will catch fish. Inside turns and points on weedlines were good for us last week as well as main lake humps and islands. Crappies are spread out a little but can definately still be caught trolling or fan casting on top of curly pond weed flats or on the deep cabbage edges. Try a Northland Crappie Thumper jig, doesn’t matter what color as long as its pink and white;) Got a new trolling motor on the front of the Crestliner Fish Hawk this week so ready to attack some summer fish. See you in Lakes Country! – The Slab Seeker, Garett Svir

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