Finishing Up Summer Vacation On Area Lakes

Tight Lines The Slab Seeker

Summer is flying by! Youth sports are wrapping up for the summer so it’s time to sneak in those last minute fishing trips before school starts. If you’re looking to get out, I have some availability for guided fishing in August and September and we can put you and the family on a fantastic bite for bass or panfish.

Bluegills can be found on deep weed edges. If fishing a new lake, I’d start near the deeper basin of the lake, that access to deeper, cooler water seems to be the key right now. I’d recommend cruising slowly with the trolling motor and vertical jigging for them. Experiment with your jigging cadence until you find something that they like. Sometimes you have to jig very fast in place, while other days simply touching the bottom and lifting slowly has been the key.

Crappies are still active on main lake humps, cabbage being the key. Find the broad leaf cabbage and you’ll find the crappies. Trolling or casting tube jigs like the Northland Fishing Tackle Tackle Tuff Tube with a small split shot in front has been my favorite strategy. 

Bass fishing has been nothing short of fantastic as of late. We’ve been doing the best fishing spinner baits with small swim bait trailers like a Keitech Fat Swing Impact. Slow roll these along the deep weed edges to search out fish. Once you hook some fish stop and work the area over slowly with a wacky rigged weightless stick worm like a Yamamoto Senko to pick off the less aggressive fish. Walleyes are deep and a little spread out. This is a great time of year to use your electronics and only fish to fish you can see on the graph. Move around alot and you should be able to put together some great days. Crawlers and spinners, jigging raps, Slip bobbers and leeches, dragging big minnows have all been producing.

Dog days heat means the fish are consuming the most calories of the entire season, search out that deeper cooler water, move around alot and catch em! We don’t have too much summer left. 

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