Cool temps equals hot fishing!

Cool temps equals hot fishing!

By Ross Hagemeister,

Take a look this week’s photo. It’s all things fall fishing. It was a cold morning, the sun was trying to peak through low clouds
and there were the “popping” sounds of shotguns in the distance—presumably duck hunters taking shots at passing ducks. The walleye
were classically “fall” hungry and this dandy made for a special photo moment. Fall fishing on a cool morning in lakes country
is a unique experience.  It’s very peaceful and you get a true sense of solitude—you just have to dress for it.  Very few folks take
advantage of our cold fall days on the lakes, and it’s to bad because I think they’re missing out.

If you’re waiting for a warm October fishing day this year, it doesn’t look like you’re going to get one. It’s either time to put your ice fishing clothes on and get in the boat, or it’s time to put the boat away. It is cold on the water now and there is no reprieve from the constant damp chill of the air. I’m usually able to warm my hands in my live-well water when the temps drop in the fall, but we’re already past that point
because the water is already cold. Lake water temps are in the low fifties and will continue to decline as the week passes—even though
it’s only October, it’s almost November as far as advancing fish patterns go. Most species are difficult to find as they are searching for
winter patterns themselves.

I’m personally still trying to draw myself away from mid-fall patterns and make daily adjustments to the rapidly changing conditions.

Keep all options open on the lakes this week, and good luck in Otter Tail Lakes County!



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