Change is in the air

Things are starting to change in lakes country. The nights are cooler, the days aren’t so unbearable, and the fishing is ramping up. Here is what I have been seeing in our area.

Eyeballs are still staging up near bait balls. Although there is multiple patterns going on right now, I’ve been focusing my efforts on weed structures. Points, inside corners, and flats near sharp breaks have been my go to areas. The key is to cover water and locate “wolf packs”. It’s not uncommon to mark a lot of fish on your electronics and to have a tough time getting them going. Don’t spend too much time on any one school, if they aren’t cooperating its time to move on.

Ol’ bucketmouth is starting to school up in predictable locations. Docks, overhanging trees, deep weedlines, and slop can all be good right now. The key lately is to move slow and really work an area. If you think the bass are there, they probably are you just need to work it slower.

Panfish are still calling the weeds home. Look to the deep weed edge and the top of the flat. Spinners tipped with a crawler or leech will produce and allow you to cover water until you find the mother load. Once located, slow down with a small jig and pick the area apart.

Night time is the right time for musky. With the cooler nights, Mr. Musky is starting to get mean! Large bucktails, plastics, and topwaters are my go to night baits. Start by trolling the inside weedline and move deeper from there. Focus on major pieces of structure and hang on!

Any time is a great time to unload a boat in lakes country. This time of year is no exception. You may have to work a little for some fish but they are worth it. With 1,048 lakes in the area there is always a bite happening. Please practice selective harvest and remember to check your boat and trailer for any hitchhikers that may have climbed aboard.

Good luck and tight lines!

Randin Olson

Lock Jaw Guide Service


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