Bjerke, Laura 2018

Laura Hoffman Bjerke

Every time I leave my home (county) I am reminded of why I love it. The pace of life, the beauty of the landscape, and the genuine people are what make our county great.


Doug Bjorklund

Inner Otter: Active

I grew up in Otter Tail County, then after high school moved away to college, then on to work in the Minneapolis area. After a few months working in the Twin Cities, I knew I wanted to get back to Otter Tail County.

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Jean Bowman

Inner Otter: Eclectic 

"These people. This place. It’s easy to say what brought us – and keeps us in Greater Minnesota." Jean Bowman is the Executive Director of Visit Fergus Falls. 

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Steve Guttormson

I appreciate living in a place where you can be as engaged in your community as you want to be. We have that here – and so much more!

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Dean Haarstick

Dean is the Mayor of Vergas, MN.

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Doug Huebsch

I love living in Otter Tail County because it has everything I cherish: Family, friends, faith, education, agriculture and the great outdoors. Who needs more than this?

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Dan Husted

Dan is the VP of Energy Services at Lake Region Electric Cooperative in Pelican Rapids.

Lake Region Electric Cooperative
[email protected]
(877) 391-7829

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Nicholas Leonard

Inner Otter: Active

"I grew up vacationing in Otter Tail County. After experiencing the lake lifestyle, I knew I wanted to live in Otter Tail Lakes Country. While the lakes and natural beauty brought me here, the wonderful people and community have made it my home!"


Emily Meyers

Emily is the Creative Director and is charge of marketing, advertising & social media at Fair Hills Resort, Five Lakes Resort & Wildflower Golf Course. She graduated from the University of St. Thomas and spent several years working in the Twin Cities before moving up to Detroit Lake permanently.

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Betsy Roder

Inner Otter: Active

Betsy is the President of the Otter Tail Lakes Country Association. She is also the Director of the Culture Center in New York Mills. 

New York Mills Cultural Center
[email protected]
(218) 385-3339

Brad Stevens

Brad Stevens

Brad owns & operates Thumper Pond Resort & Golf Course in Ottertail, MN.