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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Many Panfish are still Lingering in their Late Winter Spots

March 30, 2016

Hey fishermen. Get those reels off of your ice fishing rods, make sure the line is suitable for open water angling, put it on a nice light action rod and head to the lake. Spring has arrived in Otter Tail Lakes Country! I watched the rest of the ice exit Ottertail Lake yesterday and what [Read More]

Panfish are on a Good Bite – But Otter Tail Lakes Country is Warming Quickly

March 10, 2016

Good morning spring fishing enthusiasts.  Otter Tail Lakes Country is warming quickly.  Panfish are on a good bite—the bite that defines late ice panfishing.  Of course, it’s a travel-and-fish-at-your-own -risk situation because the ice is coning/chunking which is a sign of severe degradation.  It’s not quite to the point where anglers need planks and waders [Read More]

Guide Lines: Late Ice Panfish – It’s about Opportunity

March 1, 2016

Winter is finally beginning to wane.  The weather was amazing last weekend—55 degrees in late February was glorious!  The interesting thing about weather and panfish is that nice weather in late winter and early spring promotes good feeding opportunity for panfish.  Opportunity?  Yup, they are opportunistic which means they respond to cues that tell them [Read More]