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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Fish Are on The Move

September 30, 2015

With the warmer temperatures we have been having the fishing has been spotty. Temperatures have been 15 to 20 degrees above normal making fishing slow. With cooler temperatures moving in, the fishing has begun to pick up. Anglers are finding walleye in 25-35 foot depths near shoreline breaks. Even though it’s getting late for the [Read More]

Search for Walleye on Deep Water Breaks, Extended points……

September 16, 2015

Start you search for walleye on deep water breaks, extended points, inside or outside turns, and shore line breaks that drop quickly into deep water. With fall approaching, a general rule of 15 to 35 feet is a good starting point. When using a jig and minnow presentation, stay vertical so you can stay in [Read More]

September and October Can be Great Fishing

September 9, 2015

September and October can be great months to fish. With the decrease in water temperature, it pushes bait fish off the shorelines and all species of fish are there to intercept them. Walleye anglers are finding fish in 13 to 20 feet while using jigs or crawlers. Sunfish are active in 10 to 15 foot [Read More]

Ross’s Ramblings – Fishing and the Common Loon

September 1, 2015

A lot of people try to tie visual things into their fishing.  When I take people out they love to make associations, and one visual cue a lot of people notice are the birds.  Loons and seagulls and grebes are the most common fowl we see on the lakes during the course of the summer. [Read More]