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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Fish are Making Shifts from Summer Habits to Fall Patterns

August 26, 2015

Things are changing in Otter Tail Country.  We seem to be stepping closer and closer to fall time.  September, after all, begins next week.  The fish, too,  are making shifts from summer habits into fall patterns.  It can be a tricky time of the year—it’s a pretty major transition/transformation.  To make things a bit more [Read More]

Walleye Anglers are Finding Fish Shallow and Deep

August 21, 2015

Walleye anglers are finding fish shallow in 11 to 14 foot depths and also deeper in 20 to 30 foot depths. A lively leech on a rig with a 5 to 7 foot snell trolled at a half mile per hour has been producing fish, or try using a bottom bouncer with a 3 to [Read More]

Ross’s Ramblings – Fishing Line

August 4, 2015

Before I start talking about fishing line, there’s one very important thing to understand. Fish don’t know what fishing line is! Don’t forget that. If they knew what fishing line was, they wouldn’t swim into gill nets. They would see the netting, understand what it meant, and go around or over the nets. Musky and [Read More]