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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Summer Fishing is Here

June 24, 2015

Summer fishing is about being mobile and willing to move and relocate to another part of the lake. Fish are the same way, especially walleye as they move from their spring spawning areas and spread out over the rest of the lake. Water temps and baitfish are two critical ingredients when trying to locate active [Read More]

Evening Bite is Strong

June 17, 2015

With the warm weather we had been having the fish were starting to move to their summer areas, but with the weather being cooler the past few days, that may change. Walleyes are in 8-11 feet to 16-22 feet, with the evening bite being strong. Use a jig set up with minnows or leeches for [Read More]

The Weather is Finally more Stable

June 10, 2015

The weather has finally become more stable in regards to temperatures and the water levels have gotten back to where they need to be for good fishing. The walleye fishing is still going strong. Walleyes are being taken in 5-8 feet of water to 10-15 feet all the way out to 28 feet depending on [Read More]

May Was An Up-and-Down Month

June 3, 2015

Hello anglers. May was an up-and-down month. The fishing started strong. Multiple species were feeding heavily and fishing was good—walleye, northern, sunfish, and crappie were all very catchable. Then cold weather, off and on, over the course of a couple weeks sent the water temperatures plummeting and fishing, especially for walleye, followed suite. Fishing is [Read More]